High School

The High School consists of Grades 7 – 12 and is under the supervision of the Principal. The students take classes adapted to meet the needs of the multi-national student body. All must take Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science, Bible, Spanish, P.E., Art, Music plus a range of elective courses. A camp week is included to give students an outdoor education experience each year.

Three diplomas are available for students at the end of Grade 12 – the College Entry Diploma for those who wish to enter universities in North America or Commonwealth countries, the General Studies Diploma with a lower academic requirement and the Bolivian Matriculation (which allows students to enter universities in Bolivia and South America).
A range of extra-curricular activities include soccer, basketball, volleyball and baseball teams, drama presentations, work study for the Grade 12 students and a Christian service elective which includes a missions trip during the Easter break.


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