Children without English as a mother tongue usually enter the school for the Pre-Kinder class where they spend a year learning the language before they can move into the Kinder class. Those with English join them in the Kinder class. The Elementary school is under the direction of the Elementary Principal, who is responsible for the day to day running of the Pre-Kinder – Grade 6 classes.
Each week, all students from Grades 1 – 6 take classes in Spanish, Art, Music and PE with specialist teachers. There is an annual swimming course to teach the children how to swim or to help them improve their skills. The children also have a camp each year as well as outings to various local factories, museums, parks etc.

Elementary classes have a weekly chapel with each class taking turns in presenting the programme. Singing, drama and music all play an important part in these chapels and parents are encouraged to attend and watch their children participate.


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