Admission is open to the children of missionaries, provided there is space in the school and the families complete the necessary forms and can provide a letter of recommendations from their mission or sending church. 

Missionary children whose mother tongue is not English will be required to take extra English classes.  These will, most probably, have to be taken outside of the regular school classes and at the family’s own expense.  Wherever possible, CCS tries to provide English tutorial help, but we cannot guarantee that that is always available.  All ESL students must pass a test in English proficiency before they can move into the next grade.  CCS reserves the right to hold students back if they fail to meet the required English level.
The school also has some places available for non-mission children but the number of these varies from year to year and no place can be guaranteed.  The PreKinder class takes 10 non-English speaking students each year to give them an opportunity to learn English.  Children must have had their fourth birthday prior to 1st August of the year of their entry into CCS.


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