Academic Year

The school year is divided into two semesters – mid-August to December and mid-January to early June. Each semester has a week’s mid-semester break as a time of rest for students and teachers alike. Each semester has two reporting periods of approximately 9-10 weeks so CCS students and parents receive reports of their progress four times each year.

Examinations for high school students are held at the end of each semester and their GPA is calculated from the end of semester grades. 

Students take US standardised tests each year – Stanford tests for Grades 1 & 10 and PSAT/SAT for Grades 11 & 12. Some older students also take Advanced Placement tests in Spanish and English. The school is looking to develop the range of AP courses further. 

Children with special educational needs or those who need extra practice in English as their second language are given individual help to enable them to deal with their difficulties and learn how to overcome them. The small class sizes of 15 – 20 help with a more individual approach to learning for our students


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